Collective Vision


“Ensuring that the vision and strategy of collaborating partners or stakeholder groups are in alignment”

Standards and Behaviours

The Organisation or the partnership proactively engages the public (clients, consumers and community) in deciding priorities?

  • The active involvement of the public (clients, consumers and community) is central to the vision
  • Priority is given to Social Goals as well as Corporate/Organisational Goals

Leaders broker and align corporate/national policies and priorities with public needs and priorities

  • A focus is kept on public priorities as well as corporate/national priorities
  • Coactive efforts are made to achieve a balance between corporate/national priorities and those of the public (clients, consumers and communities)

Leaders readily engage with other partners in the shared delivery of mutual strategies, aims and objectives

  • There is alignment between strategies, aims and objectives
  • Leaders fully engage in the determination of a shared vision

Partnership leaders share resources and tasks equitably in line with both partner, organisation and community expectations

  • Organisations take responsibility for their own priorities and outcomes and also to identified public need or the development of social capital (community networks)
  • Leaders coordinate activity for the public benefit across agencies