Compass 360 Leadership

Compass 360 Leadership

COMPASS 360° Leadership™ is a means of assessing collective leadership. Collective leadership represents a form of both shared and distributed leadership in which different stakeholders collaborate in achieving shared aims whilst ensuring that their own aims and objectives are supported. Intelligent networks and knowledge lie at the heart of this collective activity.


The collective leadership inventory (CLI) is a research-based self assessment tool that is intended to assist those involved in the development of collective leadership. It seeks to assess the extent to which organizations both share and distribute leadership in the pursuit of common aims.


The CLI grew out of the “Public Leadership Challenge” which aims to encourage the consistent assessment and evaluation of public leadership standards. This originated from a series of ESRC funded seminars of the same name from 2006 through to 2008 which involved discussion and deliberation between senior academics, practitioners and policy makers from across the public sector. It is a response to the relentless change that has been witnessed in the public sector over the last two decades which introduced what has been termed ‘New Public Management’. The background to the reform and the impact on public leadership is comprehensively discussed in an edited book (Brookes and Grint) by Palgrave MacMillan (publication 2010).


Research undertaken with a range of local strategic partnerships, health authorities, local government and police forces has also influenced the development of the CLI. Detailed information on the public leadership challenge, the research and the COMPASS 360° Framework can be found by accessing: (Insert Link)


We use the COMPASS 360° Framework to seek your views in relation to the extent and impact of collective leadership in your organisation and partners. We seek to do this through the various levels of partnership and delivery.


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