Ensuring that the vision and strategy of collaborating partners or stakeholder groups are in alignment

The collective vision should aim to draw together the aims and objectives of all partner agencies that share a common vision in a way that secures mutual benefit for all. For example, Local Area Agreement (LAA) targets and the national and regional strategies to achieve the transformational efficiency and improvement targets should thus form part of and support the wider vision of community well being as well as encouraging other agencies to support the aims and objectives set out by these national and regional targets.

Consider your stakeholders in your partnership activity:

  • Who are they and do you and they understand the challenges in relation to the development of a shared vision
  • What needs are identified and used in developing your shared vision
  • Don’t go it alone – bring others on board with your aims and seek mutual benefit
  • To what extent do you communicate the vision of your organisation to your partners?
  • Do you communicate your key local priorities and delivery objectives to your own staff and the public
  • Do you clarify and operationalise your role as the local leader of ‘place’?