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Discovering the Truth   Integrated Problem Solving (IPS) sits at the heart of intelligent leadership.  IPS – similar to the core purpose of total learning – is a heuristic process that enables someone to discover or learn something for themselves.  It is a ‘hands-on’ interactive approach to discovery and learning. The term ‘heuristic’ originates from classical Greek meaning “to discover”.  As modern management techniques were introduced the principles of heuristic programming was defined as “the application of intelligence in a systematic way to administration” as far back as 1958 when the study of management science (and operations research) was in its infancy   In this programme you will be introduced to our unique ‘LINKS360®’ approach to applied leadership practice: Leading through 360o Intelligent Networks, Knowledge and Skills’. This programme will introduce you to the components of our IPS approach and its overall aim which is to synthesise and integrate problem-solving efforts within institutions and their networks.  It helps leaders to improve their knowledge of problems and to consider appropriate responses. Through intelligent leadership, responses to wicked problems (those that just keep happening time and time again) will be applied by means of a comprehensive assessment of progressive problem situations as they emerge and develop, using challenges from your own workplace.  The programme concludes by demonstrating how a collaborative approach supports tasking, coordination and cooperation of resources across networks.